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Travel Writing Workshop Saturday October 5th

One day Travel Writing Workshop taking place on Saturday October 5th

Travel Writing Workshop Saturday November 2nd

One day Travel Writing Workshop taking place on Saturday November 2nd in central London

Travel Writing Evening Class Wed October 2nd

Travel Writing Evening Class beginning on Wednesday October 2nd and continuing over the following three Wednesday evenings

Distance Learning

The distance learning online option for travel writing. Especially useful if you cannot travel to London for one of the other courses.

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ALTERNATIVE Payment Methods

There are three alternative methods for payment listed below: bank transfer, PayPal and cheques/postal orders. Information on each is set out below. Please send an accompanying email to notify that payment is being made when you use any of these payment methods. This is very important.

1. Bank Transfer: please send an email to to request the relevant details. IBAN details are also available on request. Please note that IBAN transfers can take more than a week.

2. PayPal: please transfer the fee plus PayPal's commission, a total of £119.85 for the workshop, £130 for the evening class or £233 for the distance learning course, to the account designated by the following email address: 

3. Cheque or postal order: please request the relevant details via workshop email address:  Please do not send cheques or postal orders by post less than one week before your preferred course date. Please also send an accompanying email to confirm that a cheque or postal order is being despatched by post - this is very important. The email address is:

There are further payment methods available; please enquire if you would like to use one of them.

Booking and Payment

Bookings are confirmed only after payment has been received. The payment methods are listed below. Please note that booking and payment means accepting the workshop and evening classes'  terms and conditions (see below).

The Preliminaries For The Travel Writing Workshops, Evening Class AND DISTANCE LEARNINg

When payment has been made and your booking is confirmed, you will be emailed the preliminaries you will need for your chosen option.

Terms and Conditions: Travel Writing Workshop and Travel Writing Evening Class

Participants purchase either a one day workshop, or purchase the content of the one day workshop as a four session evening class, or purchase the content of the workshop as a six module distance learning course. Please note that the travel writing workshop, travel writing evening class and travel writing distance learning course will not cover writing travel narrative books or travel guide books in depth, that food and drink are not included in the fee, that places cannot be booked without payment and that bookings are for one travel writing workshop date or for one travel writing evening class course only or for one travel writing distance learning course only. The courses are aimed at helping participants to become travel writers and are not english language classes. Fees are not refundable but places can be transferred to another workshop or evening course date (to be determined by the workshop) for an additional fee of £39 if a transfer is requested more than one week before the original workshop date, or more than one week before the original evening class commencement date. In the event of any of the travel writing workshops or evening class dates having to be cancelled (this has never happened to date) fees will not be refunded but places will be reallocated to another workshop on a single, specific date or another evening class course commencing from a specific date. These dates will be determined by Peter Carty (travel costs will not be refunded).