Do you want to become a travel writer?


Many of us are passionate about travel writing and want to see our efforts published - but getting started as a travel writer isn't easy.

That's where my travel writing courses step in. You can choose between a one-day workshop or a four-week evening class. The courses take place in central London and offer invaluable assistance with developing your travel writing and getting into print. And there's also a new distance learning option. This site contains comprehensive information about all of them, but first of all let me give you the background.

Nowadays I'm a contributor to lots of national newspapers and magazines, but becoming a travel writer was not simple. The start of my travel writing was a lengthy process of trial and error, because I had no sources of advice or encouragement. That's why, when I was established, I started to give others the benefit of my experience.

My main approach consists of focussed face-to-face sessions over a one-day workshop or four evening classes. There's also a six module distance learning option, if you can't make it to London. One of these courses is definitely all you need to get started, especially when coupled with the unlimited post-course coaching and feedback I offer. Other travel writing courses do not offer my back-up (in fairness, it's not a normal feature of any course).

This combination is very effective. My travel writing courses have become a staple on the travel writing scene. I am independent of any institution so I can keep my fees low and offer exceptional value for money. The courses are constantly updated in line with the latest developments in travel writing. Feedback is consistently excellent and many participants see their travel writing in print (check out my testimonials).

Full details of my workshops and evening classes are listed on the accompanying pages. If you have any queries, or want information on future travel writing courses, please email me through the site.

I hope I can look forward to meeting you at a travel writing workshop or evening class soon.

With best wishes


Peter Carty



Find out all about the one day workshop, which will give you invaluable assistance with your travel writing.

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If you wish to cover the same material at a more leisurely pace then check out what the evening class can offer you.

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