The Online Travel Writing Course - the Distance Learning Option

Distance learning online is a great tool for developing your travel writing. The online travel writing course is an excellent choice if you cannot travel to London for face-to-face teaching. The travel writing workshop runs its online distance learning travel writing course by email and your tutor will be Peter Carty, a very experienced travel writer and editor. 

The online travel writing course has six modules. Each module is emailed to participants and has two components: information and advice about a specific area of travel writing, together with a short written assignment to be returned to the workshop. You will receive feedback on each assignment as well as the material for the following module.

After completion of the six modules, participants will have all the skills and knowledge needed to become a travel writer. Feedback after the course is also included: a bonus that is an unusual feature of a short course – or indeed of any course!

The cost of the distance learning travel writing course is £225. For payment details please click on the workshop's Book Now button in the top right hand corner of this page. The content of the distance learning modules is set out below.

Travel Writing Distance Learning Course
The Travel Writing Distance Learning Course has one to one tuition


Module One: How to Become a Travel Writer

  • clarifying the skills needed and breaking down the task of achieving them
  • identifying the challenges and opportunities of travel writing

Module Two: Research for Travel Writers

  • identifying the most useful research approaches for travel writers
  • the best use of the web for travel writing research

Module Three: Use of Language in Travel Writing

  • the winning approaches to travel writing prose
  • how to develop your travel writing prose successfully

Module Four: The Crucial Parts Of Travel Feature Articles

  • how to write good introductions
  • insights into structuring your travel features

Module Five: Your First Travel Writing Feature

  • help with selecting subject matter for your first feature
  • advice for making your first feature a success

Module Six: Marketing and Career Development

  • selecting target publications and marketing your travel writing successfully
  • advice for developing your travel writing career

Unlimited Post-course Feedback and Advice

After the course ends feedback and advice is still available for as long as you need it.

Course Certificate

After full completion of the online travel writing course a certificate can be awarded on request.

cHECK OUT THESE TEstimonials

"Peter has patiently steered me in improving my writing and he has been very positive and encouraging throughout."

Captain Gavin Dobson - pilot with Virgin Atlantic

"I found the course extremely helpful and valued your honest advice and feedback."

Jean Taylor - expatriate executive, Saudi Arabia